Bleeding Edge



Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer online combat video game being developed by British developer Ninja Theory and published by Xbox Game Studios for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

There are 12 characters to choose from, most of which have melee attacks, with some of them having range attacks. All characters are one of three classes: Damage, support, or tank. There are three bars for different abilities that go down when the player uses an ability connected to it. Each ability has its own cooldown period as well.

                               DeveloperNinja Theory
                               PublisherXbox Game Studios
                               DirectorRahni Tucker
                               ProducerDominic Mathews


                       ArtistAaron McElligot
                       EngineUnreal Engine 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
                       Release24 March 2020
                       Genre(s)Team brawler
bleeding edge
bleeding edge


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