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Hellblade senua Sacrifice
hellblade senua's sacrifies


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a dark fantasy action-adventure game developed and published by the British video game development studio Ninja Theory. Inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture, the game follows Senua, a Pict warrior who must make her way to Helheim by defeating otherworldly entities and facing their challenges, in order to rescue the soul of her dead lover from the goddess Hela

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is divided in two types of gameplay: the first allows Senua to walk freely and interact with her surroundings. Those parts focus on either story via voiceover, as Senua travels from one location to another, or the resolution of a puzzle or challenge of some kind to progress further. She can use a capacity known as “focus”, in reference to her tendency to see things differently from other people due to her condition, to trigger puzzle-related events. 

Hellblade does not feature any HUD or tutorials. Instead, Druth, Furies, or the Darkness, provide audio indications on game mechanics, and how to progress through levels and puzzles. The Furies also provide Senua advice in battle, notably warning her if an enemy is attacking from her back. They react when Senua takes damage, and panic heavily if she is close to death: how nervous they are when she takes a hit is representative of how much damage she can still take. The nature of most apparitions, events witnessed, or voices heard, is purposely left unclear, and can be interpreted as either an actual apparition by a spirit, a memory of Senua, or a trick created by the Darkness or one of the deceptive creatures she has to face. 

 As such, the clues given during the game are not always reliable, except for Druth’s: certain Furies try to demotivate Senua, or give false indications such as telling her she took the wrong way, or that she is walking into a trap.

DeveloperNinja Theory
PublisherNinja Theory
DirectorTameem Antoniades
ProducerRupert Brooker
  • Joe Nelson
  • Juan Fernandez
  • Gavin Costello
  • Loong Wei Ding
  • Melanie Hall
  • Stefano Prosperi
WriterTameem Antoniades
EngineUnreal Engine 4
  • WindowsPlayStation 4
  • August 8, 2017
  • Xbox One
  • April 11, 2018
  • Nintendo Switch
  • April 11, 2019
Genre(s)Action-adventurehack and slash


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